Learnsom Business

Training your employees has just got a whole lot easier, and a whole lot more cost effective!

Now more than ever before every organisation must ensure they are receiving great value for money without compromising the service, or the quality they are used to receiving.  All too often training is overlooked, and organisations don’t make the effort to ensure they are receiving accredited cost effective training…  Look no more, choose www.learnsom.com/business

It’s not too often in business that you are offered a product that will improve existing systems, and save you up to 85% on existing solutions.  Learnsom Business provides a secure, interactive learning environment where employees can login , watch training material and interact with other users.

Learnsom provides a managed solution offering a tailored package for each individual client at no extra cost.  Learnsom provides immediate notification following user examinations and refresher reminders on an annual basis.

Learnsom offers a whole host of features and services.  We recognise that many of the users may not be familiar with computers, but Learnsom has been designed in such a way to accommodate everyone.

Many of our clients are enjoying the numerous benefits to be had by using the managed Learnsom system, especially those looking for a cost effective solution for their Health and Safety training.  Built up in bite size chunks the content is presented in time slots proven to be the most effective.

The convenience of Learnsom Business allows users to log in at any time of the day or night and carry out their training and examinations.  We have found this particularly useful for clients who run shifts, or where employees return from site works a little earlier than expected.

Whether you employ 4 or 4000 staff, Learnsom can accommodate your organisation, and as our service is charged per user your Learnsom training account will grow alongside your organisation.
We provide the training tools required for all users including user-guides and video guides as required.  Learnsom offers a no hassle approach to sales, either it’s for you, or it’s not.  Please get in touch for access information to our demonstration suite, where we invite you to take a look around and experience the system at your convenience.